Tormesh, the new disrupting

IoT infraestructure

We are transforming IoT , inviting everybody to build a global network for billions of things


Join us to build Iot network

Tormesh enables individuals to join together to build a community-owned, wireless network that is secure, robust, and affordable.

This decentralized network enables low power machines to transfer data across long distances.


Become a provide coverage

Anyone can set up a Tormesh hotspot, a long-range access point for machines (IoT).

Tormesh hotspots are simple to set up, run on tiny amounts of power, and can create up to 30 square kilometres of wireless coverage.

< 0 W
Power consumption
Square kilometres


Machine per hour


Tormesh in different verticals

Tormesh network provides a way to build and deploy smarter products that were previously.

Connecting products has the power to transform the way the world operates and improve our lives. Everything is posible, from consumption data collection to optimize our smart city services.